Pim StudioMarketing website for a unique software tool.

Plotting conversion paths.Set visual context and accents.

Starting point
Pim Studio is a software tool for giving advice on making real estate more sustainable. This is complex matter. That is why it is necessary to properly inform the target group and to instill confidence in the added value of the tool.

Informing and creating confidence. Chunks of content have been developed on the basis of these principles. We then plotted this content along a number of paths to a conversion moment. Because in the end we want the prospect to become a customer.
A sleek and clear look and feel guides the prospect. The layouts and UI elements are arranged so that the website from mobile to desktop remains clear and manageable. And easily expandable, because the software tool is in full development.

A website in which content, routing and look and feel go together in informing and supporting the prospect.

The project pops.Sleek, clear and informative.

Design, align, deliver.